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We Love & Need Volunteers at Peterson!  

Please complete your volunteer application online.   The application is below and to the left in the Resources box.

SCUSD Volunteer Application - English

Solicitud de Voluntario SCUSD - Español

To volunteer at school (i.e., in the classroom or a PTSA event) or for a field trip, three things are required:

  1. Volunteer Application and two attachments.
  2. Copy of a copy of a government issued photo ID
  3. Evidence of negative TB are required. The TB test, which includes a skin test, blood test or a chest x-ray, must have been taken within 60 days of the application submission. Alternatively, the TB Risk Assessment Form (see Resources to the right) signed by your doctor is accepted.  

Upload your photo ID and TB result information in the online volunteer application; your application will be returned if these documents are not uploaded to the volunteer application.

The volunteer application must be submitted annually. If you volunteer at multiple SCUSD schools, a volunteer application must be submitted at each school. 

Volunteers must sign in at the office before going to their volunteer assignment, and obtain a Volunteer badge.

For more information about the SCUSD volunteer policies, please see the SCUSD website Volunteer webpage.  Questions? Contact the school secretary at 408-423-2810.

Thank you for volunteering!!